Standing firm and tall during Covid-19:International School, Vietnam National University

ISers (VNUIS staff and students came up online and shared their views on fighting during covid19 time and here are few good ones metioned…)

VNUIS has proven once again that nothing can stop them from educating their students. And colossal credit goes to professors and habile workers (VNUIS army) who gave their best to provide quality education to students and support/help during online classes by solving students’ problems and teachers coming up with creative ideas to teach students. Most of the students don’t interact in online classes, teachers were worried about interaction of students, but they came up with creative ideas to make students passionate and interactive in class. Such example is my Russian Professor Ms. Nguyen Mai Tuyet Hoa, she came up with fun quiz within classroom in one of the sessions of every week classes, and students were waiting for that part, which made her classes attentive and passionate for students. I can write many such efforteous work of teachers.
Meanwhile the invisible hand of VNUIS, the academic office, student affairs, research and development officials and youth union were also not sitting back, they kept on supporting students via email, Miss My, Ms. Trang Nguyen Thi Huyen, Ms. Linh Dang and others were solving their issues, others were coming up with opportunities for students, maintaining the decorum of college and coming up with unique online activities to maintain the sharpness and curiosity of an academic brain while sitting and quarantine routine at their homes. So, a big kudos and cheers to them also.
Of course, I personally preferred offline classes, I was worried that online classes would not be that interactive, yes, some classes were there where teacher gave his/her best, but students didn’t reply.
But it’s student’s loss because teachers are trying their best, despite some of them even don’t have much knowledge about technology, we must give them respect by at least responding to them so that they can also feel supportive from us.
In the end I would like to say I love my all professors, the office members of VNUIS, thanks for making education easy for us even in this huge pandemic time. A heartfelt gratitude to you all! 

With this covid-19 pandemic, hope is the only thing keeping us alive. People around us spreading positivity, and lighting ray of hope inside our hearts. Last year hope wasn’t able to survive, then also VNUIS bought hope by spreading positivity, this year it happened again and once again VNUIS proved their hability in handling any challenges coming ahead of them. We ISers when standing united can tackle all challenges coming on our path, students supporting each other, teachers/professors/office workers comforting each other. It’s like a whole community following and maintaining the decorum to fight this challenge. When one person looks at all of this from neutral point of view or say out of the box, one will find it fascinating, exquisite and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in its own way.

I am not that much of a philosopher or observer but the books I have read tells me one must learn from past and try to not repeat the same mistake and I saw it happening at VNUIS. Last year those students who were struggling with online classes they enjoyed it this year, professor/teachers who were struggling with tech last year this year they were master of it, even more creative with it this year and VNUIS official workers more supportive and hard working even from home, replying to all emails, sorting files and finishing all deadlines. Isn’t it all so philosophical and scientific.

As President Ho Chi Minh also said when he studied Marx work: one must learn from past but not follow it blindly, must apply it based on one’s own situation/conditions. The way ISers adapted and didn’t halt the work and study flow this pandemic season of 2021 is really appreciable. Still my student heart want to join offline classes soon, let’s hope everything be better soon.

Thanks to all ISer who made it possible to get through this pandemic season and still helping us all…
Tonnes of love and gratitude to you all!!
– Satyam Mishra ICE2019 –
# International_Faculty # ISafe2021

Following the direction of the Government and VNU, the staff of the International Faculty switched to online working and research mode. In the spirit of “Corona does not separate us”, we regularly broadcast on MS Teams through the program “ORPD – Motion 8 hours a day” at 9 am every day to plan, share, and exchange ideas. Work.
LDP: Come on!..“Invite Ms. Diem!..Invite Ms. Tam!…invite…and invite…”
CV: “Yes, report to the Division leader, my work plan today is….”so we turn Q&A.
Over time, I got used to it, now every day I don’t “on air” (because the Leader is busy) I also itch my limbs, mouth and mouth 🙂 and then I worry about work not going =) ) That
‘s how it is I’m not afraid because there is a program “ORPD – Motion 8 hours a day” broadcast on MS Teams channel every morning ❤ Other units, please try this form hahaha
– Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien Huong Science and Technology Department –
# International_Faculty # ISafe2021

My online learning experience has been different than what I’m used to. I love that I get to work from the comfort of my home; however, I would rather be in a physical classroom doing my work because it gives me the opportunity to ask questions when needed, and in my own opinion, it is much more effective than online learning. Compared to learning in a physical classroom online classes seem more difficult because you don’t get the hands-on learning like you do in a physical classroom. In the future, I’d choose a physical classroom over online any day. The reason being, it’s easier for me to understand the lesson plans and put my new knowledge into effect.
During this challenging time I find myself coming back to the same thought every morning, be grateful. Be grateful for the fact that you are alive, healthy and breathing. Be grateful for this extra time with family and friends, even though it may be through a virtual platform.I’m grateful that I’m having online classes that would keep my body moving. Be grateful for my education that allows me to continue doing what I love, even in a limited capacity and mostly be grateful to live in a country that is trying to keep me safe. While there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, one thing is for sure; We will come out stronger on the other side, we will learn and grow from our mistakes and circumstances and we will be ready to fight whatever the future holds for us!
It’s tough to see the light in times of darkness. My advice for students is to continue to be positive and never give up hope. It’s when we start to lose hope that we begin to struggle mind. Lend a listening ear to everyone; sometimes all someone needs is a person willing to listen. We all need to come in this time and continue to check on loved ones, friends, teammates together, roommates, and classmates.You never know the impact of what a simple 5 minute phone call could do for someone. Spread that love each and everyday.
– Michael Zenom Marshal –

# International_Faculty # ISafe2021

Due to the corona virus, online classes were held again in May. While the online classes, I discovered some advantages of online classes which is that we can save lecture videos so that I was able to improve my understanding of the lecture. And in the case of students who live far away from school, they could reduce the commuting time. However, the biggest drawback is that the class is suddenly cut off due to the Internet connection status and the class participation rate is much lower than offline classes. Although it is an online class, if students focus more and put more efforts to participate in the class, the online class will be as effective as offline class.
Through online lectures, I had time to reflect on how lazy I can be in a situation where control is loose. I made up my mind and tried to get on my desk, and I tried to overcome my laziness, even if I couldn’t live a perfectly planned life. I know that it is very difficult situation now to focus on studying especially all classes are online. However, this is also a very good opportunity to improve your self-discipline. Guys, stay focused and let’s get the best out of it!

🥰How was your first time? My first time was amazing🙂
I – a genuine “snapper” in the food industry – a girl with a “chubby” body, very lazy to exercise, no passion for any sport 😛and of course, very lazy to walk, let alone jog.
In another aspect, the 4th wave of covid came quickly, the mode of working and studying online at the Faculty was set up. Side contests to encourage the spirit of staff and students are promoted.
Being an ancestorposition, why are you indifferently standing on the sidelines? Like many people, I also signed up to run 10km online in 21 days, simply because I wanted to contribute to raise funds for students’ creative activities. Needless to say, the family was overjoyed, but still didn’t stop mocking because of my “quick boredom” =) )
Oh my gosh, after trying it out, the first day I ran for nearly 2km, my legs ached, my muscles were sore. it’s tight, the heels seem to fall off🙂Also planning to “leave it open” but miserable, every day I have to update the situation and encourage everyone to participate, then listen to the teachers tell stories, after talking, naturally increase my determination to exercise, so again clicked his tongue “oh there are 500m a day”.
Limited space and time🙂had to walk at 9:30, 10 pm (sometimes at 12 pm) and go from the beginning of the alley to the end of the alley and vice versa =) ) Looking at my journey, anyone who doesn’t smile, I always admire: sometimes the picture among us, sometimes tadpole, then maze🙂Fortunately, I finished the race on the 21st and the auto received the certificate and medal. Oimeoi cheered loudly, was overjoyed, met everyone who boasted because he had overcome himself for the first time and had contributed a small part to the fund thanks to his meaningful activities during this covid 19 period!
– Ms. Nguyen Thu Hanh Huong, Science, Technology & Development Department –
# International_Faculty # ISafe2021

“There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them. But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.” – Paulo Coelho, ‘The Fifth Mountain’

**This content is written by Satyam Kusum Mishra, owner and founder of One must not copy and use this article is without his permission.**



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