Regret: How to get rid of it!!!


It’s a verb but signifies great pain, wanna know why; not a single reason.

Multiple reasons:
– We let our body take control of our mind
– We procrastinate
– Being Aimless/ Goal less
– No Planning for aim
– No discipline
– Not following a schedule
– Having a lot of friends
– Not having friends same as your goal or successful friends (cz your company decides what you’re gonna be in upcoming five years)
– Not spending/investing to grow yourself
– Wasting money on new bike or stuff that you don’t need
– Not spending/investing on experiences
– Sleeping / not being focused in classroom sessions
– Not working out (A little exercise is necessary for your physical as well as mental health)
– Wasting too much time while playing games or other things {Time is the most important capital we get everyday (86400 seconds everyday) }
– Wasting money by buying expensive brands (Trying to look rich, that must not be motto, you’re making the brand rich and yourself poor. Never forget this.)
– Not solo travelling (Solo Travelling teaches you budgeting, help you learn to survive, expand your views, capabilities and will give you an insight about yourself. You will be more connected with yourself.)
– Being afraid of taking challenges (Take the challenge, come home, learn the skill and next day rock it.)

Nowadays, our youth is lacking the passion, enthusiasm. They are procrastinating and being lazy. In this 21st century, we have got everything on our fingertips, one click and whatever skill we want to learn is on our screen. Then why procrastinate and be lazy; get up and start learning, earning and leading.

Change always starts from one person, one person can impact others to bring a change. So, what are you waiting for???

Decide, plan, execute, achieve!!

All the best!!

Any doubts…

DM ME!!!


Tonnes of love and positive vibes for you!!

#satmis #selfgrowth #selflove #selfawakening #selfawarenessjourney #selfcare

β€œDon’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”
― Roy T. Bennett



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