Electromagnetic field that attracts all the things to you, HOW???


Thoughts are electric, feelings are magnetic. Together they create the electromagnetic field that attracts all the things to you. So how to combine them together to attract the things you want.

Well, it’s not that simple as it looks. Considering 3D you’re living in, 4th D being the time passing by and 6th D is the possible timelines that you attract by combination of your 3rd D(Actions), 4th D (Time passing by) and 5th D (Thoughts+ feelings). But 5th D aka your thoughts that is also based on your feelings they are too tough to control and eventually they are the root to manifest or attract the possible timeline (6D) you want.

So how you can do it? It’s difficult, but can be mastered by practice like every difficult thing mastered through practice. When you sit quietly in a room for meditation, first your mind will wander and eventually coming to ease when you let it focus on one thing. So when you start meditating first few minutes try to let it come to ease. When it does, welcome to 5D or welcome the 5D here your thoughts with their respective feelings which you want to attract comes into play, you must bring in 5D what you want from 6D (possible timeline in future); this way you’re, thoughts that is electric and feelings that are magnetic create an electromagnetic field and attracting the possible 6D (possible future/timeline you desire) come/manifest as into your life.

Nikola Tesla also said if only humans knew how to control electromagnetic energy, they can create wonders. But this genius mind is rarely discussed. So now you know how to attract 6D (possible timelines) from future that you desire.

I meditate using Hare Krishna Maha mantra (which also help me ease my mind), combining 3D (my actions)+ 4D (Time passing by) and 5D (My thoughts and feelings) based on what 6D (possible future timeline) I desire. And mastering is tough. But I can say happily I have mastered it 95%. Life has never been such easy and happier.

What are your thoughts on this?? Pls share!!


– selfgrowth.energy

**This content is written by Satyam Kusum Mishra, owner and founder of selfgrowth.energy. One must not copy and use this article is without his permission.**

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” – Charles Buxton



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